At Firewall Workout:

12 minutes to build up:
4/Leg Back Rack Reverse Lunges

24 Jumping Lunges
8 Hand-stand Push-ups (1-3 sets)

At Home Workout:

6 Rounds For Time:
30 Alternating Renegade Rows
30 Single Arm DB Push Presses
200m Run

Goal: <21:00
CAP: 26:00
STIM: Keep the hips squared up on the renegade rows. Hit the DB to the chest each rep. Complete all 15 single arm push presses on one arm and then 15 on the other. It ideally should be unbroken, but if you feel very fatigued in the later round, you cannot move on to the other arm until all 15 reps have been completed on the first arm.