At Firewall Workout:

Build up for 18 minutes:
Max Back Squat

100 Air Squats (4:00+/- )
MAX Double-unders

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 15 Minutes:
8/side Stepping Side Lunges (add weight if able)
8 Paused Jump Squats
8/side Shoulder Taps (:03 pause each rep)

*Additional Notes: For the Paused Jump Squats, sink to the bottom of a squat in an active position, pause, and then explode out of the squat jumping as high in the air as possible.

50 Air Squats
200 Single Unders

Goal: >3 Rounds
CAP: 8:00
STIM: Focus on full range of motion each air squat. Don’t sacrifice form for speed. Stay fast on the single unders. You can switch to lateral hops over a DB and do 100 reps.