At Firewall Workout:

Rotate for 12 minutes:
6 Strict Pull-ups
6 Weighted Push-ups

For Time:
Calorie Ski Erg

At Home Workout:

400m Run
5 Inch Worms + 2 Push-ups at the bottom of each
5/leg Side Lunges
10/leg Leg Swings
5 Squat to Stands
15/side Ab Bicycles
10/side Heel Pump Calf Stretch
400m Run
10 Alternating DB Sumo Deadlifts
10 Hollow Rocks (easier variation than workout)
10 Hollow Rocks (workout variation)
5/arm Strict Presses
5/arm Push Presses
5 Broad Jumps

44 Alternating DB Sumo Deadlifts
33 Hollow Rocks
22 Single Arm Push Presses
11 Broad Jumps

Goal: >5 Rounds
CAP: 22:00
STIM: Deadlifts should be fast, but make sure you’re keeping your back set and locking out your hips and knees at the top of each rep. Hollow Rocks are to be completed in 1-2 sets, switch up the variation if needed. Do 11 Push Presses on one arm and then 11 on the other. Be consistent with your broad jumps. If you have access to a box, do box jumps instead.