Everyone one of us at Firewall is wishing Ilya a massive congratulations for earning this month Member of the Month title!! This guy is an absolute teddy bear. He’s one of the kindest and most gentle humans you’ll ever come across. On top of that, he’s an insanely hard worker who prioritizes his fitness. He knows how important it is to feel good, which makes him one of our most consistent members! Ilya’s also an incredible member of the community who always likes to stay after class and socialize with others 🙂 Congrats buddy! Be sure to check out the Q&A we did with him below!

How long have you been at Firewall?
I’ve been dropping in since the opening, but joined full time last fall.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
Started in 2011 when my neighbor opened the first local box.

What’s your favorite part about working out?
Feeling of accomplishment, feeling that I’m doing something good for myself.

What’s your favorite part about Firewall?
Workout is decided for me, but coaches willing and always offering to help me adjust it, just for me, according to my today’s needs.

What piece of advice would you share with a friend who’s interested in trying out CrossFit?
Don’t be intimidated, just keep showing up.

What’s your motivation for working out consistently every week?
This one of the few good habits I somehow managed to develop, so I cherish it greatly

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I’d travel from the southern tip of Argentina to Alaska on the motorcycle (inspired by “Long Way Up” with Ewan McGregor, but I wanted to do it even before I’ve seen the series).

If you could have any super power what would it be?
I’d take power of persuasion, would greatly help me in professional and personal life…or as a second choice, Superman’s ability to fly would become handy too.

Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?
I’d go for hands for feet, it would be much easier to use modern technology…. the visual aspects of such change worry me 😉