Congratulations, Jim. This is so well-deserved! For those of you who might not know, Jim came in second place for the men in our April Nutrition Challenge. He was incredibly persistent and took great pride in his health and body (as he always does). He has been putting in the work and absolutely reaping the rewards! He’s more than just a weight loss machine though, he’s supportive and encouraging to his loyal noon crewers. He always sets a great example of how to put your head down and go to work! Congratulations Jim, keep it up my man!  We love Jim’s Q&A.  He poured his heart and soul into each answer and it shows 🙂

How long have you been at Firewall?
Started in March 2019 with a full year, then 11+ month hiatus due to the global pandemic, but re-joined
March 1, 2021 and loving being back!

Why did you decide to start working out again?
Simple; not only for my own health and wellbeing but for my two young children, Maddie (3) and Wes (6
months). Getting and staying fit is a chief priority for me to be active in their lives as they grow up through adulthood.

What’s your favorite part of the workouts?
“Bathroom – Drink Break” to either get psyched up for the workout ahead, talk smack with my #nooncrew friends or berate Dave and/or Bucky for that particular WOD programming.

What’s your favorite part of Firewall?
First, the coaches who are approachable, caring and motivating about your personal fitness journey. Also, the excitement felt when you’re increasing weight, reps or movements as written progresses and seeing the hard work pay off. Lastly, absolutely crushing a partner workout with my neighbor and drinking buddy Kenny McGuire.

What would you say to one of your friends who’s looking to lose some weight to convince
them to start exercising?
There’s no time like the present, but everything in moderation. When you walk in the door at Firewall be sure to listen to the coaches and your body to scale as needed to avoid injury and setbacks. Equally important is the nutrition aspect and this didn’t always resonate with me but coming off the Spring Nutrition Challenge I saw incredible results making better choices with my diet and consistently showing up to class. And for me, stringing 4 – 6 solid weeks together it then becomes addictive, habit forming.

How has your fitness inside the gym benefited you outside the gym?
I have more energy throughout the day, sleeping better throughout the night but one of the most important advantages is helping to manage stress levels. Having a busy family life and highly intensive sales job can sometimes be overwhelming. Dedicating 1 hour to help release some of that tension, especially at the mid-point of the day (#nooncrew shout out #2) is tremendously effective. There’s also the fact that every time I pick up my daughter, I’m trying to implement some element of Squat to Stand technique with knees pushing out!

What’s your favorite Firewall memory?
Well, it would have been Team Baggin’ & Braggin’ (Hankard/McGuire) winning last year’s Cornhole tourney, but we’ll save that for future state. Just this week the Sonos system was down, and Ryan Looney stepped up and played AC/DC’s Thunderstruck from his iPhone clicking repeat +/- 5 minutes to get the class through the workout, it was hilarious.

Who was your celebrity crush as a kid? More than 1?
Yeah, that’s a tough one to isolate on since it’s splitting hairs. I’ll have to say a tie between Elisabeth Shue and Tiffani Amber Thiessen…still carrying a torch for both!

What’s your favorite movie all-time (or at least one in your top 3)?
The Karate Kid and it hasn’t wavered since 1984. That movie has it all; sport, conflict, romance, meaningful life lessons…it’s an eternal classic. I’ve been taking heat for over 3 decades and now everybody’s loving on the recent Cobra Kai series reboot on YouTube/Netflix.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Any tropical vacation destination would be great right now since my wife and I haven’t traveled anywhere outside the U.S. since before Madeline was born. I think my compass would point towards Bali and staying in one of those luxury huts above the water. The thought of sleeping out under the stars and being able to jump off that private deck in those gorgeous waters day or night looks amazing and relaxing.