Congratulations to the amazing Jodi on earning the July Member of the Month title!! This woman is absolutely incredible.  She is the perfect example of someone who puts their head down and goes to work!  She never complains.  Never makes excuses.  She shows up and gets the work done all while sharing a bunch of laughs with her friends.  Be sure to check out her incredible answers to some questions we asked.

How did you find Firewall and how long have you been here?
I had watched my kids, who are both athletes, thrive at Firewall. Mel and Eric both joined to get some upper body strength, being on the smaller side. I saw a confidence develop in them when they were on the basketball court that is unexplainable. To be honest, I was a little jealous of their new found strength. At that time I was feeling stale in my workout routine so when Mel left for college in 2019 I decided to give myself a 50th birthday present and took over the membership. I wasn’t ready to use turning 50 as an excuse to let myself get lazy. Guess you can say Firewall was my midlife crisis! 2 yrs now of getting my butt kicked!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who’s just getting started with us, what would it be?
Listen to your body, don’t be so hard on yourself and stick with it. It isn’t a competition here. Start slow and trust yourself you’ll be surprised where you can go. Some days are better than others and just walking through the door is an accomplishment.

How did your preconceived notions of Firewall line up with your actual first experience?
They didn’t line up at all. I thought CrossFit was for bodybuilders. I was hesitant to even look twice. When I started I was impressed by the individual time the coaches took with the on boarding, the way they consistently give helpful tips throughout the class. Having had no upper body strength I’ve now been able to do things I never thought I could. Truthfully it’s become my Addiction!

What’s your favorite part about CrossFit?
Don’t tell Dave, but I enjoy the more challenging workouts. I find myself reading his workout and choosing the harder days to show up and see not only if I can get one more round but also get it done within or under the time cap. I also know it’s not a favorite but I do like wall-balls.

What’s your favorite part about Firewall?
I am impressed with this community. I love how everyone encourages everyone whether you’re lifting 30lbs or 300lbs. There is no wrong!

How often do you workout?
Anything in addition to Firewall? I try to workout in the gym between 3-5 days a week. I also like to run.

What’s a goal inside and outside the gym you hope to accomplish by next summer?
Inside: I’ve just started doing pull-ups on the rig. I’d like to sting more together and maybe get a kipping pull-up.
Outside: I’d love to possibly do a race: mad muddier, Spartan, any of those.

How has working out inside the gym positively effected your life outside the gym?
I’ve learned that strength comes in many forms. There’s physical, mental & emotional strength. Firewall has helped me align these strengths and gain and internal strength to deal with whatever life has thrown my way. It’s taught me to value the important things and be good to yourself. Above all Happiness is what counts. I wish I had found it sooner. I can also say this is the best I’ve felt in many years.

If you could have a dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be with and where would you go?
I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and I know it sounds sappy but I wouldn’t want to go with anyone but my husband and kids.

Would you rather lose your phone or your wallet?
I’d say my phone. I catch myself, like others getting buried in it. I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy!