We created this program for a couple of reasons.  We realized looking in from the outside, CrossFit can be extremely intimidating.  Our FWFit classes are anything but!  Pieces of equipment you’ll see in these classes are light dumbbells, light kettlebells, resistance bands, plyo boxes, and jump ropes… NO HEAVY WEIGHTS.   The only machines members use are rowers, bikes, and ski ergs.  The goal is to not only create better conditioned moms and dads, but to also add strength and melt away the fat.  The majority of the classes will consist of 2 parts: 1 – strength work to improve function of specific muscle groups on any given day and 2 – a conditioning piece with the aim of improving lung capacity.  The beauty of these classes is that they are modifiable to EVERYONE.  There is no set weight or standard of movement that needs to be met in any class!


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May 4, 2015