Joe Bonfiglioli

At what point do you realize you need to go to a gym? Are you sitting in a bar eating fried food, not that great of a cook and rely on takeout and frozen food, maybe your confidence is down and you need a change in your life? Top that off with a mean case of medical issues and you have yourself a perfect cocktail for a disaster waiting to happen! That’s where my story begins…

Being 36 years old, 5’-7” and 263 pounds, I was no fashion model by any means. I had a great mother who cooked enough to feed a small army at every meal! That being said, I struggled hard with health and nutrition. I always struggled with my weight but I was average sized at one point. It just happened to be in 5th grade! Ha! Since then I struggled, so I went to gyms, tried cardio and lifting but never learned the right way to do things. I would pick up a men’s health or ask people what they did but it was never good enough.

Enough was enough! I was a medical disaster with asthma, sleep apnea, diverticulosis, and on the verge of sugar diabetes. Being fed up with my health and appearance I need to find help and fast, but what could I do? I finally put my pride aside and reached out to my friend Dave who was one of the owners of Firewall Fitness along with Alex Buckler for some help. Knowing Dave for a few years and making fun of him for being in shaped by telling him we were going to trade his gym for a donut shop it wasn’t easy to swallow my pride but there was nobody I trusted more for this type of help.

Like the rest of the world who are scared to walk into a gym because of intimidation, being shy or just generally being uncomfortable this wasn’t the case. I was greeted with the most positive, happy, and inspirational people and it was not only the coaches but also the everyday people that go there. At that moment I knew this was going to be great! My first workout felt like I had just ran the Boston marathon with no training, it was tough! But it made me realize that I was completely out of shape. Exhausted and feeling defeated coach Dave asked me, How was it sunshine? and smiled. I replied, Oh man that sucked, I think I just died! But in that moment I realized wow, this is a workout that I have never got from any other gym before, this is going to work! Dave replied, “So I’ll see you tomorrow?” And I responded, Absolutely Dave this is what I need.

After going to Firewall for a few months and having some great coached such as Alex, Damon, and Dave I started to see results! But I craved more, I was on a roll and this was working for the first time in my life. I again reached out to Dave about nutrition, being a guy that could burn water, I wasn’t a chef by any means. He gave me the ability to eat simple and healthy and cook meals that anyone could prepare. I had learned that Alex and Dave created a gym that was the perfect storm of health and
nutrition, mix that with great coaches, safe practice, and inspirational people, what do you get? I’ll tell you, big results!
After about a years time I stayed very strict with diet and exercise, I went from an unhealthy 263 pounds to 176. A whopping 87 pounds and from a size 38-40 to a size 32. Life was great and I was on top of the world! Best of all was my health, I no longer slept with a C pap machine, no outbreaks from diverticulosis, my asthma has subsided and my blood work was perfect! My doctor was proud to see I turned my life around and was on a fast track to a healthy lifestyle!

Due to COVID I and the gym shutdown. I got comfortable like everyone else in the world but with great help from Firewall I am at a healthy and comfortable 193 pounds. I found a good balance with my weight and strength. Firewall has given me the tools I need to realize you don’t need to be a strict health freak to stay in shape. I live a great healthy lifestyle and can still enjoy foods that I used to but in moderation. This program is great for any age, shape, and all walks of life. The great Firewall family
continues to change lives and keep people happy and healthy. I could go on forever about how well this worked for me but maybe just try it, I dare you to give it a shot and prove me wrong! Health and happiness starts in one place and it’s called Firewall!