Matt Putvinski

I grew up never having to worry about eating or weight.  When I was young, I honestly struggled to gain weight.  As I got older, the tides had turned and the next thing I knew, I not only gained weight, but was also heading to a point where I would have to take medications all of my life to manage a pending diabetes diagnosis.  It’s been over a year now and thru nutrition counseling and joining the Firewall team, I not only have gotten to what is considered an ideal weight, I have reduced my A1C to a normal range and no longer have to fear diabetes.  I like the fact that I am not on any diet, I just follow a new nutrition and and exercise plan that is not only sustainable (and fun!) but also works with my body, keeps my energy up and significantly helps mitigate the depression and anxiety struggles I have endured for much of my life.  Carpe Diem!