Why Firewall was Born

When many are on the outside looking in, fitness is just something that must be done to stay in shape and keep the doctor happy. For most who join Firewall, it becomes a way of life cluttered with endless support and friendships.

At Firewall Fitness, fitness brings people together of all different backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. From day 1, our goal has been to build a community comprised of incredible and like-minded people who push each other to become more than they ever thought they could. The positive environment cultivated at Firewall seeks to bring the best out in our members. Watching our members constantly improve themselves inside the gym to enhance their lives outside the gym is why we do what we do.

Fitness means something a little different to everyone who does it. To some it’s a hobby, to others it’s a sport, and of course to many, it’s a means to drop some unwanted weight, add a little bit of muscle and look good naked! To us, fitness gives everyone the ability to turn their seemingly impossible goals into an unforeseen reality. That’s why we opened this gym. That’s why we’re still open to this day.

Firewall’s Mission to YOU

Our purpose is to guide the everyday mom and pop to reach their fitness goals – whatever they may be. We set out to teach people how to make overall health and fitness a lifestyle rather than a short term hobby. Everybody is different. Everybody needs different solutions. We are determined to serve the community at large by getting one person fitter at a time – changing one life at a time.