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We pride ourselves on not enhancing our members’ abilities inside the gym, but improving their every day lives outside the gym! Our goal is to form an incredibly supportive community that is there to support one another every step of the journey to a healthier life.

We want our members to think of us as more than a gym – as a family. We will make the one hour of the day you spend with us be the best hour of your day – after all, everyone needs a little break from those kiddos! The Firewall programming is built to incorporate every fitness level to be as inclusive as possible. The beauty of our workouts are anyone can do them!


Tuesday 1/19/2021

At Firewall Workout: AMRAP 24: 300m/250m Row 15 Pull-ups 15 Burpees 30 Hollow Rocks At Home Workout: Warm-up: 1:00 Inch Worm w/ Pigeon Stretch on each side at the bottom :45 Scorpions w/ chest stretch :30 Heel Reach Hip Hinges 1:00 Spidermans :45 Deadbugs :30...

Monday 1/18/2021

At Firewall Workout: EMOM x 12: 3 Power Cleans 2 Rounds for time: 125 Double-unders 75 Air Squats 25 Power Cleans (95,65) At Home Workout: Rotate Through For 15 Minutes: 5-10/arm Upright Row 5/arm High Plank Thoracic Rotations (no reach through) 5 Tempo Push-ups...

Sunday 1/17/2021

Rotate for 15 minmutes: 8/arm DB Curls 12/Side Cossack Squat AMRAP 12: 15 Double KB Sumo DL (70,50) 12/9 Calories on Bike Erg 9 Hand-Stand Push-ups